MoraleApp was a no-hassle team mood tracker designed to help agile teams monitor and detect morale issues.

Every day, team members were polled about how they are feeling and pick either "good", "meh", or "bad". In addition to collecting mood data, MoraleApp found trends and patterns and provided tips on improving low morale.

MoraleApp has been discontinued.

Thank you for your support over the past four years.

Existing customers can contact for questions or concerns.

Alternative options for tracking team morale:

  • TeamMood: anonymous daily mood tracking for teams
  • TinyPulse: surveys, peer recognition, and performance review tools
  • NikoNiko: iOS-based mood tracking for teams
  • Oskar: Slackbot that tracks team happiness

MoraleApp was built and supported by SEP, a custom software product design and development company based in Indiana.